About Us

Company Profile

Vertex Productions was founded over 20 years ago by Philip Vaughan, an award-winning designer, sculptor and inventor. Based in southern California, the company has served as concept designers and master planners for many of the largest theme park operators and real estate developers in the world.

Our services range from master planning and complete theme park design to single attractions, rides, shows and exhibits. The company integrates the efforts of its own staff with a highly talented and experienced network of consulting architects, designers, engineers, and other specialists. In particular, we like to work on projects that pose unique challenges and require unexpected, innovative and highly creative solutions.

The Vertex group is an international crowd, with members hailing from Britain, India, Romania and the U.S. We have worked for many years with a wide variety of countries and cultures, always developing new ways to express what makes each culture unique, as well as bringing to each project the exciting variety of international components found elsewhere in the world that will be the most complimentary to the intended audiences of a specific location.

With an emphasis on storytelling, Vertex strives to create unique destinations that will imprint lasting memories on visitors and guests. Each project combines a powerful mix of architecture, landscape, and story to provide compelling locations for every single client.