What We Do

Vertex Productions is a team of highly talented designers, architects and master planners for the entertainment, real estate, leisure, retail and museum industries. Vertex has completed numerous design projects all in the following categories:

The best designers and master planners can evoke a wide range of emotions from both large and small projects. When you do it right, as Vertex has for many years, the guest experience is natural, easy and unique.

Clients come to us with many different kinds of projects. The categories listed above are just a few of the types of projects in which we are involved. Our staff includes artists, architects, writers, and specialized designers. Our capabilities begin with master planning, the "bird's eye view" of a property. It is the 'map' that determines all future plans. From there, we continue our work into detailed development: individual districts, neighborhoods, and venues for urban projects; theme parks have their lands, streets, and attractions. This work is often misunderstood: it doesn't just involve plans, but also key art to "sell" the project to investors, project guidelines to ensure a unique, harmonious offering, narrative descriptions of all the parts of the project, as well as digital models and other tools to help visualize the intent of the development.

Physical spaces are a combination of many elements, and understanding the interplay between all of the pieces is primarily learned through years of experience. Each new development or attraction has a long list of factors that have some effect or influence on the project. Vertex applies its extensive knowledge base and variety of experiences all over the world to combine and maximize all of the elements into exciting, successful destinations.

Our Process

Master plan development, theme parks, and attractions of all shapes and sizes require many of the same processes of design: Context and Research, Concept Design, Project Development, Construction and Future Phases.

Context and Research

For the best results in any planning or design process it is important to understand all of the background information. Where is the project situated and who will use it, what are the adjacent elements, who are the stakeholders and owners, what are their goals and vision for the project, and what is the budget? The more information we have the better we will be at finding the most appropriate and most creative answers to the design requirements. Vertex will review and assess all of the information, prioritizing the opportunities and the challenges, to achieve the best possible design.

Concept Design

Based on the initial concept, after additional research, brainstorming sessions, and internal discussion, as well as client review and comment, Vertex will refine and develop the core ideas into a concept design package that will convey the major elements of the project, through written descriptions, concept drawings, sketches, plans and reference images. The Concept Design will begin to describe the overall styles and themes of each element in the project. The final Concept Design package will be the formal guide to completing all of the remaining design and documentation packages.

Content Development

The traditional process for completing the design allows for regular input from the client, and allows for continual cost reviews, to ensure that the aesthetic and thematic goals are achieved while staying within the budget. Each of these phases (Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Drawings) has specific design issues that need to be resolved by a number of specialty contractors, including architects, mechanical engineers, media specialists, writers, and operators to create the precise specifications that will result in plans that can be successfully implemented. Vertex will further develop and detail all of the major elements of the plan while coordinating each of the other disciplines to ensure that the overall concept design is kept on course and delivered with the highest quality possible.


During construction of the buildings and during fabrication of the specialty elements, Vertex provides art direction and quality control to make sure that everything is implemented and built to the specifications approved by the client. It is very easy for others who were not present during the evolution of the design to make simple design changes, or delete some details that can impact the overall feel of the design more dramatically than they might realize.

Vertex will work diligently to maintain the integrity of every aspect of design, from building design and engineering, to lighting, to landscaping and graphics to ensure the project is delivered on time and within the budget.

Future Phases

Once the project is built and open to the public, Vertex is often engaged to create future phases of development, expansion plans, upgrades and enhancements. Each development requires new elements over time to keep the vision fresh, and to keep guests interested in returning time and time again to ensure the long term success of the project.