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Rides and attractions can be bought off-the-shelf from manufacturers, but they lack richness, detail, and context. New technologies and concepts in purpose-built rides are desirable but often seem out of reach. This can result in rides that do not integrate with their environments, or which do not express their stories in an effective way. This can make the entire entertainment experience suffer. Vertex Productions' staff has designed hundreds of rides, inside and out, and brings storytelling expertise to every kind of ride platform, from roller coasters and simulators to dark rides and river journeys. There is no better place to tell an exciting story than a ride.

Themed shows are the most dynamic form of themed entertainment storytelling. They feature live performers, sets, lighting, sound, and special effects. They can accommodate very large audiences. People love live entertainment, especially with the amazing technology now available for such shows. Vertex Productions is a longtime creator of exciting themed shows.

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