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Beauty City Theaters

Project: Beauty City Theaters
Location: Sanya, China
Client: Luneng Real Estate

These theaters are developed as part of the "Sepco Beauty Town" - a new, mixed use district focusing on culture and the arts. The core principle in the design of the theaters is the literal glorification of traditional parts of architecture - the theaters themselves are opaque concrete 'stones', whereas the outer facade is composed of an intricate filigree, reminiscent of a traditional foliage found only in Hainan Island.

Architectural Design by Amphibian Arc.

Beauty City Theaters

Broadway theater plaza

Beauty City Theaters

Beauty Pageant theater facade from arrival ramp

Theater at day and night

Beauty City Theaters

Broadway theater interior

Beauty City Theaters

Broadway theater interior, from stage

Beauty City Theaters

Cafe area beneath theaters

Beauty City Theaters

Layout plan

Beauty City Theaters

Elevation and Cross-section

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