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Portfolio - Branded Cities

There is a trend towards creation of entire communities by a single developer. These towns feature a carefully designed balance of entertainment, retail, dining, and office in their "downtown" areas. This creates a place to work and play, live and interact. The offering is completed with attractive residential neighborhoods, hotel districts, and lifestyle amenities.

Vertex Productions specializes in masterplanning of entertainment experiences. This work is a combination of art and science. The most successful experiences feature storytelling through architecture, landscape, and attractions in an integrated, planned matrix.

The masterplanning process ensures that the diversity of the offering is appropriate to the project, and that all of its components will work together seamlessly. Masterplanning is also important as a means to express the potential of the project to investors, clients, tenants, governments, and all the other entities that must come together before the project can be implemented. Vertex Productions has extensive experience in masterplanning of entertainment projects and is known for combining vision with practicality.

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