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Entertainment City India

Project: Entertainment City India
Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Client: Abu Dhabi Investment House

Located directly off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, this 400 acre development will be the central entertainment district for the new residential and office developments in and around the site. The area includes a theme park, retail and dining streets and a regional mall. These are complemented by working studios and a back-lot tour, where Bollywood movies will be filmed. This project will be a significant 'Live-Work-Play' destination and will owe its future success to the rich mix of elements on the site, the variety of international tenants, as well as its proximity to both of the urban centers of Mumbai and Pune.

In association with RTKL

Flythrough of Entertainment City India.

Entertainment City India

The site is enhanced by dramatic natural topography.

Entertainment City India

A 30-story landmark office tower located along the highway is the central beacon for the project.

Entertainment City India

The office complex and the mall are linked by the retail district.

Entertainment City India

Bird's eye view of the Bollywood theme park.

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