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Hallyuworld Korea

Project: 'Hallyuworld' Movie and Culture park
Location: Ilsan, South Korea
Client: Prime Corporation

This Korean Culture park in Ilsan, South Korea celebrates the 'Korean Wave' phenomenon. This phenomenon is expressed through an amalgam of Korean Movies, Television, Music and Pop Culture. The 80 acre park, estimated at a cost of $ 500m, contains different lands to celebrate this phenomenon and lend it a physical location. (In association with Cuningham Group)

Hallyuworld Korea

Entrance and drop-off area.

Hallyuworld Korea

Drama zone, themed with traditional Korean architecture.

Hallyuworld Korea

'Media Dancer' - a dynamic sculpture in the Pop Zone.

Hallyuworld Simulation Theaters Hallyuworld Korea

Fantasy Zone is created around ancient myths in Korean culture.

Hallyuworld Korea

Close-up of simulator building.

Hallyuworld Korea

K-Horror simulator attraction.

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