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Harbin Eco City

Project: Harbin Eco City
Location: Harbin, China
Client: Abu Dhabi Investment House

This development is part of a new mixed-use development in North-East china. This Eco-park will be the central hub for a residential development situated on the other end of the Island. As the weather in Harbin is quite extreme in the winters, the project is developed as a series of 7 large enclosures, parts of which can be opened up in the summer. A stream runs through these enclosures, offering a variety of natural landscapes.

Each of these enclosures has its own theme, ranging from Aquatic, Rainforest, Snow and Desert. Vertex designed the attractions inside these enclosures, keeping in mind the needs of the animals as well as the visitors.

In association with RTKL.

Harbin Eco City

Masterplan showing enclosures

Harbin Eco City

Attractions inside each enclosure

Birds eye view of Eco-City

Aquarium attraction

Harbin Eco City

Whale show

Harbin Eco City

Leopard exhibit

Harbin Eco City

Flume ride concept

Harbin Eco City

Desert exhibit vignette

Harbin Eco City

Desert jeep ride vignette

Harbin Eco City

Penguins up-close exhibit

Harbin Eco City

Polar bears in aquarium

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