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Hayward Tower

Location: London (UK)

The 42 foot tall Hayward Neon Tower was installed atop the prominent elevator shaft on the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank and has been a familiar landmark for Londoners since 1972. Designed by Philip Vaughan, with electronics engineered by Roger Dainton, it was commissioned by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Greater London Council in 1970, following a search for public arts ideas to bring attention to the area. The Tower was only recently brought down for maintenance and repairs.

Video of tower in action.

Hayward Tower

The yellow, blue, red, green and magenta which make up the tower are controlled by a dimming computer system which uses changes in wind strength, wind direction and other factors to ensure the work reflects it changing environment.

After over 30 years, the technical systems of the tower are being renovated to return the sculpture to its intended form and kinetics.

Photo courtesy of the Hayward Gallery

Hayward Tower

Photo credit: Antony Gormley

Hayward Tower

The stripped down Hayward Neon Tower awaits refurbishment under the gaze of one of Antony Gormley´s figures – Summer 2007

Photo credit: Antony Gormley

Shots of the tower that illustrate changes in wind direction and velocity.

Hayward Tower

The Hayward Gallery Neon Tower, looking up from its base on the roof of the elevator shaft. Photo courtesy of Philip Vaughan, 1972

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