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Ilsan Fashion Mall

Project: Ilsan Fashion Mall
Location: Ilsan, S Korea

Vertex Productions was commissioned to develop various alternatives that would give this mall/residential complex a sense of identity and place. We developed various themes, ranging from fashion & style, to more intangible themes like serenity and light. Elements of urban street furniture, like openable 'umbrellas' are also thought about in this proposal

In association with DeStephano Architects

Various themes overlayed on the original design

Physical overlays of volumes in the central courtyard

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Valley of serenity - with animated screens depicting waterfalls

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Retail 'Reed' facade

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Fountain concept

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Neon sculpture in plaza

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Courtyard with 'urban umbrellas'

Ilsan Fashion Mall

Umbrellas detail

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