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Energy Planet

Project: Energy Planet
Location: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Client: Luneng Real Estate

This new Energy exhibit at MSI Chicago has a very unique concept in that it puts the visitor at the center of the experience, by the use of interactive, and a plan that ties all these experiences seamlessly together. In this way, the overall experience is entertaining, as well as educational. Vertex Productions designed all the attractions and interactive elements in close conjunction with the team at MSI Chicago.

MSI Energy Planet

Energy Planet Plan

MSI Energy Planet

Sections through the space

MSI Energy Planet

Longitudinal section

MSI Energy Planet

Bird's eye view of whole exhibit

MSI Energy Planet

Looking towards the entry to the exhibit from coalmine area

MSI Energy Planet

Introduction area with video projection and message tickers

MSI Energy Planet

["The Smart Grid" interactive area

MSI Energy Planet

"Gigawhat" game and other energy interactive

MSI Energy Planet

["Global Cafe" - an interactive, collaborative area for learning the global impacts from our use of energy

MSI Energy Planet

"Leonardos" - featuring innovative inventions that use energy in different ways

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