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Ordos Culture Park

Project: Ordos Culture Park
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China
Client: BSG

The Ordos Cultural Park will be one of the very first real estate projects world-wide to be anchored by a cultural and educational core set of facilities. This will place the 1400-acre project within a very exclusive group of masterplanned developments that move beyond the traditional configuration. This project will have excitement, energy and life built right into its heart.

It represents a new model for building urban spaces: all of the amenities associated with traditional developments are present, with a core program and interactivity that provide the depth of lifestyle and experience associated with mature, long-established cities. It is locally self-sustaining, yet attractive to investors and visitors from China and beyond. It provides wonderful new opportunities for work, play, and life that will expand the Ordos experienceand Mongolian cultural arts onto a world-wide stage.

Video presentation of project

Ordos Culture Park

1400-acre masterplan

Ordos Culture Park

Birds-eye view looking from North-West

Ordos Culture Park

Birds-eye view looking from North-East

Ordos Culture Park

Downtown Entertainment and Culture district

Ordos Culture Park

Contemporary Theaters

Ordos Culture Park

Interior of contemporary theaters

Ordos Culture Park

Outdoor theme park

Ordos Culture Park

Indoor theme park

Ordos Culture Park

Media offices & Han cultural cluster

Ordos Culture Park

Office buildings and retail district

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