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Otaru Expanding Sphere

Project: Mycal Otaru Imagination Chamber
Location: Hokkaido (JAPAN)

The Expanding Sphere, which grows from 4.5 feet to 19.5 feet (1.4m to 5.9m) in diameter, is a primary attraction in one of Japan's newest and largest retail centers: Mycal Otaru Bay Center in Hokkaido. Installed in March, 1999, the project was produced in partnership with Vertex Productions.

Expanding Sphere, Hokkaido, Japan


The sphere is suspended above the Center's Imagination Chamber, and is actuated with a computer-based motion control system. This system opens and closes the sphere in a programmed series of lyrical motions choreographed to music, lighting and special effects. Special shows occur at various intervals throughout the day for the entertainment of visitors.




Close up shot of the contracted sphere.

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