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Space Expo China

Project: Exhibition highlighting man-in-space achievements
Location: Beijing (PR CHINA)

This is a traveling exhibition highlighting the achievements of mankind in space exploration, and technology related to man-in-space exploits. Special emphasis is given on development of the Chinese Space Program. Through state-of-the-art simulation and ride technology integrated with hollywood storytelling, visitors will be able to experience all aspects of space exploration.

Space Expo China

Entrance lobby with life sized murals of space vehicles.

Space Expo China

Walkthrough LEM (Lunar Exploration Module) exhibit

Space Expo China

Walkthrough Space-shuttle exhibit.

Space Expo China

Life sized prototypes of the international space station.

Space Expo China

The Mercury Spacecraft Display

Space Expo China

The Gravitron ride is re-themed and gives visitors a feel of how it is to be in space.

Space Expo China

The central hub features high-energy games, rides and interactive activities.

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